How it began

I had ripped yet another pair of my school pants beyond repair, so I was off to the school uniform shop to buy myself another pair. I had to wait until Thursday at 3:15 as it was only open two days a week and for only one hour. There was a huge queue of boys needing uniform, so I waited and waited until I was finally let in. I searched for ages and finally found what I was looking for. I looked at the price and it was $75 for one small pair of pants. I thought to myself, "HECK, that's a lot." There were a million other things that I would rather spend $75 on, but school uniform is compulsory so I got it anyway. Later that evening, I was thinking about the cost of the uniform, the time it took to get the uniform, and how inconvenient it was to find the correct uniform. So I had a think about how I could make a solution. My first idea was to buy uniform off people and resell it in one convenient store, but this would be very high risk because I could be left with lots of unsold uniform. I then thought about the marketplace and letting people make their own listings. I then came up with a rough plan about how I wanted the site to work and look and went to Jamie Twigg from 543 Website Designs. I paid him and he built the site!

How selling school uniform works on this Marketplace

This is a Marketplace for New Zealand School Uniform So If you have any New Zealand school uniform that you aren't using, jump on our site and make a listing. Or if you need to purchase uniform, jump and see what school uniform is on offer What Happens when I make a listing? You will be put through step by step instructions on how to list your New Zealand school uniform You will be able to add fields - Size of school uniform, Type of school uniform, And what school the uniform is for You can then make a description and then add photos of your New Zealand school uniform You then can choose if you want the buyer to pick up or deliver you New Zealand school uniform. You then add your bank number, so when your New Zealand school uniform sells the money goes straight into your account. You will be notify if your New Zealand school uniform sells Then the site will give you the buyers contact details, so you can arrange your New Zealand school uniform to be picked up or posted A link below to create a New Zealand school uniform listing can be found below Please note: you must create a free account before selling uniform. The site will only ask for your email and your name Have a fantastic day.

The Goal of the site

Our main goal at New Zealand school uniform is to save you time and money when purchasing school uniform and to help you to re-home your Uniform. We also make it super simple to make listings and sell your uniform, because computers are confusing! You will also be notified of any activity that happens. This could be when your listing sells or questions people may have about your school uniform (if you have some listed). Don't worry you wont get bombarded with emails. :)